Want to release your inner siren? Feel Confident in your beauty and unlock your sexy side.

Randalyn's Photography


Randalyn’s Photography is located in Greenville, Illinois less than an hour East of St. Louis, Missouri.  Specializing in boudoir and underwater.  I love helping women release their inner siren.  Feel confident in your beauty and unlock your sexy side.

I’ll set you up with a fun, glamours Girls Day!  Starting with being pampered with pro hair and makeup.  We will completely guide you through your entire photoshoot!  Then enjoy a relaxing one hour massage.  End the day selecting your images and feeling like a siren.

The Siren Experience


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Interested in having a shoot with us.  We have welcome guides to walk you through everything about our sessions.  We offer a FREE phone consult to answer any of your questions you my have and an easy way to get on our schedule.  After you have booked your session you will be getting tons of tip and tricks to get your prepared for your session.

The Photo Shoot


Yippe it’s your time for a glamorous girls day and we bring in the best hair and makeup artist around.  She will help you with you seeing your inner siren.  Then we will have a priavte photo shoot with us helping you into each pose and coaching on facial expression.  After your shoot you will go for lunch come back and enjoy an hour massage, then we will start your viewing session.



You will get to not only see yourself as a siren but feel like a siren, confident and beautiful.  In a private viewing session together we will pick out how you would like your photos displayed: in a luxury album, wall art, or prints.  Order your favorites and they will be delivered usually in 4-6 weeks.

Ready to jump in and get your feet wet and learn more about a photo shoot at Randalyn’s Photography.  

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Randalyn's Photography, Release your Siren, The Studio, photography studio
Specializing in Women's Portraits and Underwater near St. Louis

What to Wear to a Boudoir Shoot

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Randalyn's Photography, Release your Siren, The Studio, photography studio, st. louis photographer, illinois photographer, missouri photographer
Specializing in Women's Portraits and Underwater near St. Louis

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About Randalyn’s Photography and why I started shooting boudoir and glamour photography.

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