Boudoir & Glamour


I have been doing boudoir and glamour for 7 years.  Beauty portraits are so precious to me because I love helping women feel better about themselves, inside and out.  We all struggle with self image, and I want you to feel like a Siren by the time you leave.  To me a siren is confident enough to show off her beauty and her sexy side.  That’s why I love helping women release their siren.


The entire experience will last 5 hours.  Studio Sessions start at 10am on weekdays, we break for lunch around 1.  Grab a quick bite and come back to the studio where you will have an hour massage waiting for you.  After the massage we will have your viewing and ordering session.  We will select which images you would like to purchase and how you would like to display them at home.  Ordering appointments can take up to an hour so please plan on being at the studio till 3pm!  



Not your ordinary maternity photos we want to create modern epic portraits that you’re proud to hang on the wall.  We want to showcase how strong and powerful siren you are at this wonderful time in your life.  Let’s create one of kind images so you can look back and remember how strong and powerful a siren you are. 

We will work together to pick gowns and find cool locations that showcase your personality.  You will come in we will get hair and makeup done then the shoot will begin.  We will schedule when you are available to come back to the studio for your viewing and ordering appointment.  That’s when you will get to see your images for the first time and order what you love.



The magical underwater sessions include prep guides and professional makeup that is waterproof.  We will meet up before your actual photoshoot for a practice session.  No camera will be at this session but we will go over water safety, practice posing underwater, breathing techniques and make sure you are ready for the actual session. 

The day of the session you will get your make up done and then we will be ready for the water.  Under water sessions are normally 2-3 hours long because of course we can’t breathe under the water.  We will go under for a couple seconds then pop back up to breathe.  Hints why it takes a little bit to make the magic.  Safety is always a big priority and always have someone watching from above.

In-person viewing and ordering session so we can create the artwork for your home together. 

Want more of a Model Experience


We have an Influencer Program, Limited Edition Sessions and The Secret Grotto

Want cool unique sets!

Want to help us promote our brand and earn products and swag

Wanting multiple sessions this year!



We of course love to travel, so if you want to meet us somewhere more exotic we can discuss travel.

Shawnee National Forest

Shawnee National Forest is only 2 hours south from us and is full of beautiful locations, bluffs, parks, trails, and of course waterfalls.

The City

Want an urban city vibes, downtown St. Louis, Missouri is less than an hour from us.

The Beach

Always up for a beach trip!

Girls Trips

These our trips where we all stay in one house go on adventures, relax, group shoot, and of course everyone would have their own mini session at that unique location.


Boudoir & Glamour Session





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