Black Friday Sale
Of course I was nervous and excited for the photo shoot. Randalyn is so laid back and helpful and really works to get the best shots! Once your over the nervousness it's just a fun experience! It was more laid back than I expected and walked away feeling more confident and very beautiful.

Release your Siren


Thinking about finally scheduling your boudoir shoot with Randalyn’s Photography?  Now’s your chance!  We’re so excited to announce the that our Black Friday Sale will be November 26th, with a pre-sale opening November 24th (for email subscribers). 

I have been doing boudoir and glamour for 7 years.  Beauty portraits are so precious to me because I love helping women feel better about themselves, inside and out.  We all struggle with self image, and I want you to feel like a Siren by the time you leave.  To me a siren is confident enough to show off her beauty and her sexy side.  That’s why I love helping women release their siren.

This is our Biggest sale of the year, and we can’t wait to fill our studio with all of you lovely sirens!

Black Friday Sale


Session Fee - $250


(Normally the session is $500)

Pre-Shoot Consultation

We will have guides to help with your wardrobe and getting ready for your session. We will schedule your Pre - Shoot Consultation and go over everything before your shoot.

One Hour Photoshoot

I will be right there showing you the poses the entire time during your shoot.

Professional Hair and Makeup

Amara is our Professional Hair and Makeup artist that comes to our studio the day our your shoot. Trust me she is the best at making you look camera ready.

One Hour Massage

Yes we are including a massage. After your shoot you will go to a quick lunch in town and when you return the massage therapist will be ready for you. She will help get you relaxed after your shoot while I edit your images.

Same Day Viewing

We will start with a slideshow of your images then we have a fun and easy time picking your favorites.

Plus a $250 Print Credit

you will get $250 off any collection you would like

Offer valid during the Black Friday Sale



No all photos and products are an additional cost.  You will receive your $250 print credit you could use towards any of the collections.

Yes! We require a pre-payment plan for our minimum purchase for every shoot. These plans start before your session and by the time your session gets here, everything is paid off and you don’t have to wait months after to get your photos!

Black Friday Sale Sessions can be book out until May of 2022!

Click the button above or click here.  It will take you to a booking page where you will pick your phone consult time.  During your phone consult we will go over everything, pick your photoshoot date, and if your ready to get on a payment plan we can do that too.

YES! The number one reason anyone does a boudoir session is for THEMSELVES. There’s always secondary reasons for giving them as a gift, but to boost your own confidence, rediscover your sexuality, and to have the experience for YOURSELF is always the top reason.

You are worthy it –  Let me help you release your inner siren.

Most Clients get a Collection with an Album and Wall Art!  Collections start at $1200